Tuesday, 26 May 2015


The growing importance of Dubai as a commercial capital globally has led it to be a host to a large number of start-ups in the past few years. However, with multiple businesses starting out at the same time, it is essential to portray yourself assertively and innovatively to draw the right attention, else one could easily get lost in the crowd. One extremely effective way of achieving this is with the help of a Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai

In this age of technology and instant communication, using social media as a platform is the fastest and most effective way of reaching out to potential customers. Whether it is the news housing, glamour, or business awareness, most people get their information from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Using social media marketing in Dubai offers businesses several benefits with special advantages to start-ups.

Start-up companies are mainly looking to come out with a big bang advertising their products and services in the best possible manner while reaching a large number of people at minimum cost. Social media marketing services in Dubai can achieve all of this. A major benefit with this tool is your ability to communicate in your unique way. Whether you prefer to use animation, images, make quirky videos or communicate in your own lingo, social media marketing accepts all. Thus, companies can establish their own style and brand image in the minds of the customers’ right from the start. 

Further, with social media marketing companies in Dubai can reach a vast audience with a single update. Communicating through these platforms allows you to interact with people across geographical locations at minimum cost. You can encourage discussions and feedback sessions enabling you to identify the popular areas and any sources of problems instantly and work on them. 

Aimteck in Dubai can do wonders for your business with its remarkable social media marketing services. The expert teams ensure you get noticed right away by the right people, at the right time, in the right way. 

Monday, 25 May 2015

SEO mistakes which can remove your website from Google

A common promotion tool being used worldwide, SEO helps enable your business get noticed and reach customers online. However, if used incorrectly, this tool can severely backfire requiring being careful when hiring an SEO company Dubai. Some of the most common SEO mistakes have been highlighted below. 
 SEO Company in Dubai UAE

1. Keyword usage: The most important aspect of SEO, keywords, needs to be used accurately. Flooding the website with the keywords or under using them will lead to Google removing you from its searches over time. 
2. Broken Links: All links on your website must be working at all times. There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a link only to have it do nothing!
3. Technical jargon: Customers use basic terms when they search and like to read as such. Websites filled with intense technical jargon may soon be passed over by customers and Google. 
4. Slow servers: Websites that take longer than 3-5 seconds to load are usually passed on by customers. If your website loads slowly or crashes often, Google is sure to bump you off its results. 
5. Repeating content: Re-using the same content without sufficient modification will be tagged as duplicate with Google, resulting in your website ratings falling down. 
6. Outdated Content: It is also essential to update website content regularly. A stagnant website is far less likely to show up on Google than one which is updated regularly.
7. Using flash images: Animation usage can be exciting on a website if relevant. On the other hand, if overdone it can be extremely annoying causing customers to leave your website fast, followed quickly by Google.
8. Not using Analytic s: The main purpose of SEO services in Dubai is analysis of data. If this is not done, you might as well say bye to Google. 
9. Not linking social media: With the current social media dominance, links to Facebook and Twitter have become a must.
10. Maintenance: A website which is not maintained well technically and in terms of content is sure to fail. 
To avoid all these mistakes and make the best of SEO services in Dubai, contact Aimteck for a meeting and let their dedicated team take your business to new heights.